Education Credit Internships

Wizard Words Media Group, hosts interns from the following fields of study:

  • Communications and Broadcast Journalism
  • Statistics and Quantitative Analytics
  • Social (Work) Services, Psychology and other Helping Fields
  • Cultural Studies of High Risk Populations
  • Media Productions (Sound, Video and Graphic)

Community Based Internships

In order to take part in community based internships and volunteerism projects, interested individuals must submit their resume and letter of interest. The letter of interest must include the following:

  • Name, address, phone number and email
  • Highlight the resume in a descriptive format speaking to major areas of interests and skills
  • Finally, an interesting fact about yourself that would make you a good fit to volunteer with the agency.

Apply For Internship

Submit your resume and internship requirement materials.

How To Get Started...

Hit the contact tab to the right in order to inquire about internship and volunteer opportunities with Wizard Words.